Sunday, September 24, 2017

Goals and Rewards!

I was thinking...if I hit goals towards my new business (see blog post below) then I can start releasing my most popular blog posts!

So far, I have $500 in donations towards the $10,000 goal. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE THAT DONATED!!!  I appreciate you believing in my dream and in me!

I will release 5 blog posts every time I hit $1000 in we're just $500 dollars away!
If you have a particular favorite blog post and would like to see it released, please leave it in the comments and I'll take it into consideration when the time comes :)

Thursday, September 21, 2017

My Business Plan!


I want to start a Para Medical Services business where I work with Breast Cancer Centers/Doctors tattooing the areola's of women who have had breast reconstruction surgery.

I am trying to raise money for this endeavor and I'd appreciate your support!  All money donated will be used for the school to get certified (and the travel out of state for the classes), and for the necessary equipment, insurance and  business license.

I have personally had breast reconstruction after a bilateral mastectomy, and areola tattooing is the final step of a VERY long process.  The problem is, within my state (WV), women that wish to have this procedure done (myself included) often have to travel out of state, at great expense, to finish a process that makes us look "normal" again.  I want to help the women of my state to have access to this procedure, and to feel the joy celebrating this milestone in their recovery process.

I need the funds to get into a class in November 2017.  There are only 4 available, and only 1 is left open.  Any help would be GREATLY appreciated, and all funds will go towards this goal.  It is my passion to help other women through this process with compassion and celebration of life and their strength!

I am looking to raise $10,000 but any amount would be a step towards the goal of serving the women in my state.  Please use the PAYPAL button on the right to donate today! THANK YOU