Sunday, July 5, 2015

Clothes on or clothes off?

When it comes to sex, do you prefer clothes on or clothes off? Sometimes it's really hot to be partially or even fully dressed, unable to hold back for the time it would take to get naked....just push up a skirt, unzip trousers and just fuck!

However, there are those that prefer to take their time, get completely nude and feel skin to skin, their naked bodies touching at all points.  Is one better than the other? 

I say, why choose?  I think sometimes we get into a rut, where sex becomes the same....every single time.  It's about time to shake it up!  When was the last time you pushed your woman up against a wall, fingered her pussy under her dress and kissed her like it was your last chance?  When was the last time, you got on all 4's, lifted your skirt and showed your lover that you aren't wearing any panties, and  you're ready to take what he has to give?  When was the last time you got completely NAKED, no socks, or tshirts allowed....your sweaty bodies writhing against each other? 

However you normally have sex, the opposite!  Break out of the rut.  Inject some fun, and spontaneity back into your love making.  No where is it written that sex always has to be in the bedroom, or that you always have to make love....quickies are allowed and can be quite pleasurable for both parties.

So, clothes on or clothes off...the best part of sex is giving and receiving pleasure.  It's about spending intimate time with your partner, bonding in a way that only the two of you can.  It can be about building love, making up, or just having fun. 

Clothes can be a erotic hindrance that builds anticipation, or they can be completely that case, strip naked and don't be afraid to let your lover appreciate every inch of you! Tonight, it's your choice clothes on or clothes off....either way, you get to have an orgasm and that's always good! ;)
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Friday, June 19, 2015

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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Spread it open!

Ok, I'll admit..this post started out with me seeing a very hot gif and that got my mind thinking and my clit buzzing!

There is nothing sexier than when a man spreads my pussy lips apart....he is literally opening me up to his eyes, mouth, fingers and cock.  Until that moment when he pulls my lips apart, everything is hard clit, my wetness, my opening.  Once he spreads me open, there is no more hiding, everything is on full display.

Maybe it's just me, but I love it when my partner looks at my pussy...stares at it.  It is such an intimate part of my body that I'm sharing with him, and to see him looking at it in so incredibly hot!  Plus, I don't care if you are thick or thin, your pussy is always plump, juicy and sexy!!

Personally, opening my legs for my partner is one of the parts of sex that I most anticipate.  That moment when I am giving him full access....offering him my pussy to do with as he wants.  My legs spread open and I put myself on display for his eyes, his cock, or his mouth.  It's a very submissive, but loving position for a woman to allow herself to be opened up in such a way and to have her slit be the center of focus.  As women, we often feel that our bodies aren't good enough, but it's very rare for a woman to think her pussy isn't good's probably the one part on our body that we don't have to be self conscious about!  Big clit or small, puffy long lips or tight thin ones...big labia or small, it's all good when our lover is looking at it!

So, the next time you are with your lover....spread your legs and let him open you up...let him look all he wants and I bet that you will both find your pussy is not only the center of physical pleasure, but also visual pleasure as well!

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Take it all!

There is something so sexy about a man going balls deep as he plows into a wet pussy! Knowing that he's as deep as he can get inside her tunnel...he may even be hitting bottom! When it comes to sex, there is a point when both parties want it to go DEEP! When thrusts become harder, and her pussy stretches to accommodate the full penetration.
Now, I'm not saying to bang away on her cervix from the start...but towards the end, when both partners are into the moment and seconds away from cumming, sometimes a little bump against it proves to both of you that you've reached the limit inside of her! This is often enough to send you both over the edge!

There are times that a woman will look at a cock and think that there is just no way she can take it all.  Her pussy might be too tight or short for his width or length.  However, with time and patience most cocks can be comfortably accommodated in a wet pussy...during sex her tunnel will actually lengthen to take more of him than what was possible at the beginning of sex. Sometimes that's all he needs to get that last inch inside!

Now guys, let me be the first to say, getting in her balls deep is awesome...however, it can be painful to have our cervix bumped.  So, make sure your woman isn't cringing in pain rather than writhing in ecstasy!!  The best way to know that is to look at her face, listen to her moans, or just ask if she likes it! 

I will say there has been a few times that I haven't been able to take all of a cock, no matter how much I tried...or how hard he thrust.  My pussy was at it's maximum capacity and we both had to adjust.  The best way to do that is to let her get on top!  That way she can control the depth of penetration, this is especially helpful if she doesn't like your cock head bumping her cervix.

However, if you really want to take all of it...the best time to do it is during fuck session #2.  He won't be quite as hard as the first time, and that might allow him to get further inside.  Also, make sure to have lots and LOTS of lube...things slide better, and go deeper when the tunnel is nice and slippery!  Ladies, don't be afraid to use lube, and guys don't think because she is reaching for the lube that she isn't turned on, or wet.  Just think of the old saying "wetter is better!".  Let her ride, and don't force it in...let her slowly work herself down on it until she's taking it all...or as much as is comfortable!

Going all the way in, can be sexy and hot...however, even if there is an inch or more that just won't fit...enjoy the sensation, the feeling and know that sometimes Cock A doesn't fit perfectly in Slit B and that's okay!!

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Missionary is NOT vanilla!

I personally love missionary position, it's my favorite!  Some people say it's boring or vanilla...I say, you're doing it wrong!  Missionary is a position that can be sensual, dominant, intense, sexy, and fun!  To prove my point, I'm going to post several of the hottest missionary gifs I can find, I bet I can convince you that missionary sex is anything BUT boring! ;)

I really like this one, you can tell he's going deep from the look on her face and how he's got her legs pushed back!  Yeah...give me some of that!!
This one is a little wilder, a little rougher!

Just a slight change of angle and suddenly, it's hitting all the right spots! 

I don't think she's bored, looks like to me she's enjoying getting it fast and deep!

Sometimes hard, fast and deep is the only way Honey wants it!
I love the intensity in this one, he is totally focused on thrusting and she just wants more!

If you say you don't want to try this...I won't believe you! ;)

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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Can a past love be a new love?

I think we all have those relationships that come back around for another I started wondering, can a past love be a new love?

I know that there are times that we see things in the press about high school sweethearts that reconnect years later, and fall in love...get married...and are happy, but how often does that happen?

Is it a good thing to let someone that is an ex back into your heart?

Well, there are a few things you have to consider first...why did you break up? Were you constantly fighting, was there disrespect or cheating?  There are some things that are harder to overcome than others.  If you just grew apart, or didn't really give the relationship the attention it needed, then it is easier to mend that divide than if one partner cheated on the other.  So, you have to remind yourself of some pretty uncomfortable and even hurtful memories, you have to answer the question honestly.

Have you grown as people?  Has there been sufficient time for you both to realize what you lost?  Are they still the person that broke your heart, or have they changed?  The person you are at 18, isn't necessarily the person you will be at 35.  So, you have to take into consideration youth and the sometimes really stupid decisions that we make during it.  The main thing is that you both understand what happened the first time and you know how to make sure it doesn't repeat itself.

Do you still feel the same attraction?  Sometimes we will look back at ex's and sigh....because there is just something about them that still draws us, still attracts us.  Other times, we look back and cringe, and wonder what we were thinking?!  You also need to know that attraction for a partner can grow as feelings, maybe they weren't the hottest guy/girl you ever dated, but as you see how much they make you laugh, how much they care about you, and you about them...they becomes more attractive in your eyes. 

Are you committed this time around?  Sometimes we just don't give a relationship all of our best effort.  We skate by, maybe waiting for something "better" to come along...or maybe, just because our heart isn't really in it.  So, this time around, are you willing to put in the effort?  Are you willing to take the good with the bad?  If you aren't, then don't start things up again, because you'll just end up hurting them...again.

Will you communicate honestly?  Sometimes the biggest hurdle in a relationship is communication.  We don't say what we want or need.  We don't resolve problems, because talking/fighting is uncomfortable.  We avoid touchy issues, like sex and money, because those are hard conversations.  Well, if you are going to revisit a past relationship then you have to be willing to TALK and LISTEN.  You may not always hear what you want, but if you talk to your partner about all the things that you need to be happy then you might find out, they need the exact same things.  Communication is one, if not THE most important thing in a relationship, if you can't talk to your partner then you might as well move on, because it is over before it even began. 

Going back to a failed relationship is scary....there are a lot of hurdles and past hurts to overcome, but if you realize what you lost, and what you want...then it's worth it.  Be open, be honest and maybe you can be one of those stories that we read about where lost loves find each other again.
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